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Climatic Catastrophe Of Haplogroup "beta"

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Abstract. The article examines the evidence of falling of an asteroid in the deep part of Pacific Ocean about 70 thousand years ago. The asteroid, estimated to have reached 11 kilometers in diameter. He fell in an area bounded on the west of the island line the Marshall Islands - Gilbert Islands - Ellis Island, in the east – of the Line Islands. These waves circled the globe and met themselves on the other side of the planet, in a region of Africa. Waves of cosmogenic megatsunami left in the deserts the most notable and indisputable traces of their passage in the form of a giant current ripples, with the distance between the crests up to 4 or more kilometers and a height of crests up to 300 meters or more. These parameters allow diagnosing the supercurrent and assessing their depth. Passage of three successive waves detected by the data of deciphering of Google satellite images. Waves consistently decrease in height and power. In addition, numerous cavitation erosion landforms are found all over the world. They, along with a giant current ripples, constitute genetically uniform set of coeval paleogeographic features of the cosmogenic mega-tsunami. Linear tracks of "laminar super flows", turbulence’s dune of "turbulent super currents", giant (up to 40 kilometers in diameter) vortexes, apply to them. Super currents cut spillways through mountain ridges extending across the flow. Huge masses of water unloaded on them after the passage of supercurrent. Numerous traces of cavitation on bedrock are smaller forms of erosion. Streams of the cosmogenic megatsunami formed a numerous, uniform for all the continents, geo sculptures of the Colorado River Valley in North America, in the Altiplano and park "Talampaya" in South America, in the Wuling Mountains and park "Krasnoyarskie Stolby" in Asia, and so forth. Geo sculptures of distant from each other by tens of thousands of kilometers of territory, as a spillways, have the same degree of weathering, and form a coherent whole with landscapes of giant scablands, which they are part. North Africa (Sahara) is an example of a unified scabland. This scabland remained virtually in their original form thanks to the fact that the processes of denudation in the deserts there are minimal in comparison with other climatic zones. The Planet got final shape after undergoing of the third wave, which partially transformed the traces of passage of previous waves.

Cosmogenic megatsunami left salt lakes in the drainless areas, including a most mountainous drainless area of the Earth (altitude of about 5,000 meters), is now occupied by the salt lake Namtso (Tengri-Nur), as well as Antarctic Continent.

The structures morphologically similar to the giant ocean spillways, deciphered between South and North America and between South America and Antarctica. Material carried over to direction from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic, are on their endings. The chain of volcanic islands traces the outer arc each of these endings. The origin of the spillways is associated with breakthroughs of flows caused by cosmogenic mega-tsunami. Southern breakthrough (between Antarctica and South America) is the most pronounced. Three breakthroughs are deciphered in the northern breakthrough. Is probable that they are the result of the three waves of cosmogenic mega-tsunami. Megatsunami left traces of erosion on the artificial objects - pyramid and accompanying buildings. It postpones the creation of these megalithic structures in the days preceding the fall of a massive cosmic body into the Pacific Ocean. As a result, the time interval and the ability itself are opened to find a satisfactory explanation for the numerous artifacts worldwide (including the pyramids) that do not fit into the modern historical paradigm.

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